Prashant Karhade

VP Product, Clout & Positivly

Prashant is a multi-faceted individual who has played many different roles, worn many different hats, worked on many different tools and technologies, got exposed to many different domains, and loved every minute of it! Being an Electrical Engineer by education, he comes from the hardware side of things but has worked on hardware, software, and pretty much everything in between (having coded in 12+ different languages). In his career spanning 25+ years, he has worked for organizations of all sizes: large (Intel and Wipro), mid-size, small, and startups. He has a working knowledge of 12+ domains, entrepreneurial experience of almost 8 years, and 2 US patents in his name.

One of the startups that he worked for (BTA Technology), merged with another startup (Ultima Interconnect Technologies), which existed as Celestry Design Technologies for a year, was valued at $300 million at one point, but then finally got bought by Cadence for $105 million. Working at startups is what he loves which is why he joined TIFIN, where he does Product Management and looks after Clout and Positivly.

Prashant grew up in Mumbai, lived in the US for 8 years, and is currently based in Pune.