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Magnifi by TIFIN brings direct indexing to individual investors and announces managed portfolios based on indexes designed by Morningstar

Magnifi by TIFIN brings direct indexing to individual investors and announces managed portfolios based on indexes designed by Morningstar

TIFIN, a fintech platform using artificial intelligence and investment-driven personalization to shape the future of investor experiences, announced today that its subsidiary, Magnifi, the world’s first natural-language-powered (NLP) investment marketplace, now offers portfolios of innovation stocks based on indexes designed by Morningstar, a leading provider of independent investment research, to empower investors with institutional style portfolios but without ETF or mutual fund wrappers that add additional expenses. With this new offering, Magnifi brings direct indexing directly to individual investors and enables a broad group of investors to access the skills of institutional experts.

“Many institutional and sophisticated wealth managers are increasingly adopting an approach where they hold and rebalance stock portfolios based on indexes from the likes of Morningstar and other asset managers directly in their own accounts, saving them expenses and creating the freedom to customize. With this announcement, we are now taking the first steps to bring this capability to all investors. At TIFIN we believe in democratizing intelligence to enable better outcomes for investors and doing so in ways that simplifies and engages,”  said Dr. Vinay Nair, founder, and CEO of TIFIN and co-founder and Chairman of Magnifi. “Magnifi’s combination of language recognition, best match algorithms, comparison calculators, and ability to act is opening a new opportunity to those who want to drive better outcomes with a modern e-commerce experience. These managed portfolios are designed for investors who have a viewpoint about the future of the world but don’t have the time, expertise or access to properly research a basket of individual companies or to manage them on an ongoing basis.”

Thematic exposures investors can access in the initial launch include Digital InfrastructureElectric & Autonomous VehiclesHealthcare InnovationFintechNanotechnology, Robotics, and Big Data.

“TIFIN and Magnifi are pairing advanced technology and the best ideas from Morningstar to bring direct indexing to everyday investors,” said Ron Bundy, president of Morningstar Indexes. “Our innovation-themed indexes built into this solution are based on rigorous research from Morningstar equity analysts and can help Magnifi’s investor clients meet the rising demand for thematic approaches with simplified identification, execution and management of innovation-based investment themes.”

TIFIN announced a strategic investment from Morningstar earlier this year to fuel the growth of its fintech platform, enabling wealth and asset managers to meet the rising demand for personalized investor experiences.

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TIFIN, also known as THE TIFIN GROUP, is using AI and investment driven personalization to shape the future of investor experience with a platform of intelligent products that recognize the uniqueness of each investor. Powered by an ecosystem of leaders in finance and technology, TIFIN builds next-gen products by combining investment intelligence, data science, and technology to make investing a more powerful driver of financial wellbeing.

About Magnifi

Magnifi is a financial search and ecommerce platform that is changing the way people shop for investments. The world’s first semantic search engine for finance, the platform helps financial advisors, portfolio managers, and everyday investors find, compare, and act on investment options. In an era with thousands of ETFs, mutual funds, stocks, and model portfolios to choose from, Magnifi demystifies and simplifies investing, providing insights and information that save time and help investors make smarter decisions. Learn more at

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