TIFIN is proud to announce Magnifi by TIFIN has won the 2022 WealthManagement.com 2022 Industry award for “Excellence in Artificial Intelligence” among Technology Providers (Source)

Previously, TIFIN was named a finalist 7 times from nearly 1,000 submissions. Only 225 companies were selected as finalists, and TIFIN was the 2nd most awarded company in the industry (Source)



TIFIN’s 2022 nominations: 

  • Technology Providers CEO of the Year, Dr. Vinay Nair
  • Technology Providers Artificial Intelligence, Magnifi by TIFIN (Winner!)
  • Technology Providers Financial Planning, TIFIN Plan
  • Technology Providers Innovative Platform, TIFIN Grow
  • Technology Providers Marketing Automation, Clout by TIFIN
  • Technology Providers Portfolio Data Screening, Magnifi by TIFIN
  • Technology Providers Risk Tolerance/Client Profiling, TIFIN Risk

The full list of technology providers nominees and winners can be found here.



Criteria and background information:

WealthManagement.com, Wealthies Awards, 2022. Finalists are chosen based on nominations from industry peers. To learn about the award nomination and selection process, visit https://www.wealthmanagement.com/wealthies-circle/

Category selection criteria: https://www.wealthmanagement.com/wealthies-circle/2022-award-categories/

Judges: https://www.wealthmanagement.com/wealthies-circle/wc21-meet-the-judges/

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