All investors are unique. Their experiences should reflect that.

We’re on a mission to personalize the investor experience and make investing a more powerful driver of financial well-being. We hope to change the world of wealth in ways that personalized delivery has changed the world of movies, music and more. In a world where every individual is unique, we believe in the power of AI-based personalization to match individuals to financial advice and investments is necessary to driving wealth goals.

Speed sets us apart. We’ve built a template for repeatable and rapid innovation.


Start with frictions that investors face and address with fin (investment algorithms + science) and tech (AI + innovative software).


MVPs built in 3 months with production ready products in 6-12 months. Real-time feedback from ecosystem of asset managers and financial advisors.


Products designed to discover drivers of personalization, provide answers and enable ability to act.

Driven by an ecosystem of leaders in technology and finance and guided by a values-based culture of purpose.

At TIFIN, we build disruptive IP, not incremental innovation. We operate at high velocity with flexibility, enabled through our focus on stretch goals and action that is measurable. We experiment, learn and adjust in short sprints to find out targets.