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Helping Wealth Enterprises activate their Workplace audiences.

The first conversational AI-enabled financial wellness and advice platform for employees, developed in partnership with wealth enterprises. 

Designed to provide personalized financial and benefits guidance for employees.

TIFIN @Work is the first holistic AI-powered conversational platform for helping individuals achieve financial wellness in their workplaces that is delivered in partnership with their plan advisors. 

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Built to address gaps and frictions between the workplace and the wealth management environments.

For Individuals, work and wellness are converging.

Workplace benefits and financial wellness are a crucial part of a modern employee’s compensation package. Yet, employees struggle to make optimal use of workplace benefits within the context of their current financial status and future goals.

For Wealth Enterprises, workplace clients and wealth management clients are converging.

An increasingly strong source of growth for wealth management firms are the plan participants (employees) that their plan advisors serve. Yet, they lack the digital tools required to bridge the workplace and wealth management. 

TIFIN @Work helps:

Individual Employees

Achieve better financial outcomes.


Increase employee engagement and morale.

Wealth Enterprises

Link workplace and wealth management businesses.

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