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THE TIFIN GROUP Launches New Fintech Platform to Reshape Financial Media

THE TIFIN GROUP Launches New Fintech Platform to Reshape Financial Media

The TIFIN GROUP, a fintech platform with over ten active operating companies for the asset and wealth management industry, announced the launch of is a new type of fintech platform that aims to transform financial media through the addition of data science and actionable fintech tools. is being launched with the acquisition of The Adam Mesh Trading Group. AMTG is a publisher of more than 25 financial education and investing newsletters and courses since 2006, with more than 11,000 paying subscribers and over 1 million registered users. Adam Mesh will continue to lead AMTG while also joining as a partner at Terms of the deal were not disclosed. is looking at additional acquisitions and aims to deploy $100 million over the next 18 months to acquire financial media firms with high quality, engaged audiences. is led by TIFIN Group partner and financial media veteran Ian Rosen, formerly CEO of Stocktwits, Inc., Co-founder/CEO of Even Financial, Inc., and General Manager of MarketWatch, Inc., who will be responsible for identifying, acquiring, and partnering with acquired company management to create new value at scale.

“Through we aim to take the various capabilities at TIFIN to millions of investors and savers who rely on financial media to find their investments and advisors”, said Dr. Vinay Nair, Founder, Chairman and CEO at TIFIN. “We are delighted to have a strong and experienced team that can bring modern APIs, algorithmic machine learning capabilities and investment management know-how to these media platforms that have historically lacked such capabilities to transform their business and help add value to their users.”, he added.

“We are excited to bring to market, because financial media platforms have so much untapped opportunity to create unique and actionable intelligence beyond just the content on their surfaces,” said Ian Rosen, TIFIN partner and CEO of “Financial media publishers have earned the attention and trust of their readers, but often the value of those readers accrues to other participants in the ecosystem. can change this dynamic to the benefit of both publishers and investors.”

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