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TIFIN announces premium Magnifi “Personal” subscription plan to empower more intelligent DIY investing

Magnifi’s 175,000+ customers now have the option to upgrade their subscriptions to a $14/month premium plan that includes an always-on AI-powered investing assistant, guided portfolio building, personalized market news, and on-demand analytics.


BOULDER & NEW YORK, October 13th, 2022 — TIFIN, the fintech platform known for Magnifi, it’s award-winning investment marketplace, today announced the launch of their new premium subscription Magnifi Personal, their conversational AI investing assistant available to investors as a subscription service.

The new offering is aimed at helping investors build, monitor, and grow portfolios tailored to their personal interests and investment goals. With Magnifi Personal, investors can immediately have their most pressing investment questions answered, receive real-time market analysis and get help creating a balanced portfolio.  Magnifi’s commission-free brokerage services are seamlessly integrated in Magnifi Personal making it easy for investors to go from insights to action.

Magnifi investors can upgrade to a Magnifi Personal plan for $14 per month and begin leveraging several new powerful capabilities — capabilities that up to now, have largely been inaccessible to self-directed investors, including the ability to do long-term retirement planning. In addition, Magnifi Personal now has voice recognition where subscribers can communicate with their personal assistant without typing.   

Investors can ask their assistant things like, “help me plan my retirement” or “how can I invest in the current market conditions?” Each time an investor logs on to their assistant they are prompted with insights about the market, changes in their account, and areas they can explore to optimize their portfolio.

“After a successful soft launch where approximately 6,000 users began using the assistant, I’m incredibly excited for us to open up Magnifi Personal to a larger audience,” said Jon Klaff, General Manager of Magnifi. “Magnifi Personal is aimed for all types of self-directed investors, from more advanced users seeking validation in their investment strategy to the more novice investors who are fearful they do not have the skills, time, money or understanding of the markets to own their investment outcomes. For the first time in our industry, we’re leveling the playing field and giving everyone an opportunity to maximize returns and mitigate their risks.”

The launch of Magnifi Personal comes just weeks after Magnifi was awarded top honors for “Excellence in Artificial Intelligence” at the 2022 Wealthies Awards1, and launches alongside several other significant advancements at TIFIN to be announced later this year.

Magnifi Personal is a critical next step for the independent investing community,” said TIFIN Co-founder and CEO, Vinay Nair, “and a major unlock for advancing our mission of simplifying investing so that it can be a more significant driver of financial freedom for all.”



TIFIN is an AI-powered fintech that leverages data science, investment intelligence, and technology to deliver engaging and personalized investor experiences. By connecting individuals to advice and investments, TIFIN bridges the gap between investors, their trusted intermediaries, and asset managers.

Founded in 2018 by Dr. Vinay Nair, a former Wharton Professor and successful entrepreneur, TIFIN was created to help make investing a powerful driver of financial well-being by eliminating frictions investors face.

TIFIN manages Magnifi, an intelligent search-powered marketplace for investments; TIFIN Wealth, a platform for advisors, wealth managers, and other intermediaries to deliver better individual outcomes; Magnifi Communities, a digital platform of specialized investors; all powered through Distill, a central digital distribution and insights engine using TIFIN’s data platform.


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1The Wealthies AI Award is for a new initiative, product, program, platform or enhancement to an existing platform/product designed to integrate aspects of Artificial Intelligence into an advisor’s operations, investment process, financial planning services, as well as other aspects of a financial advisory business. Initiatives can include areas such as machine learning, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), natural language processing, neural networks, etc.Criteria include both quantitative measures — such as specific feature set, usage, adoption, scope, scale, advisor survey scores, etc. — along with qualitative measures such as innovation, creativity, new methods of deployment, etc.

Advisory services are offered through Magnifi LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Being registered as an investment adviser does not imply a certain level of skill or training.

The information contained herein should in no way be construed or interpreted as a solicitation to sell or offer to sell advisory services. All content is for informational purposes only.

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